Elizabeth_reportingSafe Harbor partnered with the Uganda Ministry of Health (MoH) since 1998 to provide both primary and specialized care, investing substantially in infrastructure and human resources. Through God's provision, we built a maternity and children's ward, operating theater, HIV/AIDS clinic, solar panel energy system, and drilled a bore hole for community access to water. We maintained several health staff, including a physician's assistant, several nurses, and health support staff. In 2010, Safe Harbor treated 20,000+ outpatients and 2,000+ inpatients; conducted 22,000+ lab investigations; and treated 2,000+ eye conditions.

The health program has since been transitioned to Calvary Chapel Midigo, which was established as a local NGO.  

Safe Harbor's health care programs were focused on the following specialized services:

Maternal and Infant Care

Safe Harbor's overwhelming priority was placed upon pregnant women and infants.  This was accomplished primarily through community awareness programs, pre and post natal care, deliveries, and C Section operations for at risk pregnancies.

2010 Results
3,732 antenatal visits
1,200 prevention of mother to child HIV transmission screens
1,200 maternity ward admissions
756 baby deliveries
60 emergency Cesarean sections
72 low birthweight children
24 perinatal newborn conditions treated
8,800 immunizations (combined with mobile medical care)

Mobile Medical Clinics

The latest data reveased that approximately 70% of our clinic's patients traveled further than the required 3 miles walking distance in order to receive care.  During the rainy season, patients are further hindered by adverse road conditions.  Safe Harbor's objective was to reach those in need who are unable or too sick to travel to the clinic, with an emphasis upon pregnant women and children. Safe Harbor is currently targeted 7 communities, including: Mijale, Kilaji, Pingo, Matu, Giwaya, Aligo, and Osubira. We hope to expand this program will continue to be expanded under CC Midigo.

2010 Results
2,112 outpatients
564 antenatal visits
504 prevention of mother to child HIV transmission screens
432 village health team reporting


Safe Harbor's HIV/AIDS care project offered spiritual and medical counseling services, HIV/AIDS treatment, and nutritional supplementation. Additionally, Safe Harbor provided HIV infected children with supplemental milk nutrition and septrin syrup prophylaxis. We hope that services can be expanded to include a home-based project for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS.

2010 Results
504 volunteer testing and counseling patients
864 patients on chronic care
348 HIV+ patients on anti retro viral treatment

Emergency Procedures

Safe Harbor offered operative care to a region where such services were previously unknown or too difficult to obtain. 

2010 Results (not including c sections)
144 major operations
240 minor operations

Public Health Results (2010)

Since investing into the local health sector, we have seen substantial progress over major public health indicators in Midigo Sub-County. However, there is still much to be accomplished in reaching health targets.

Source: Yumbe Country District Health


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